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There is a lot of enthusiasm for this project – As of 11/12/19 we’ve had over 130 pledges, which assuming they all are honored, put us very close to being able to buy the store this year! If you haven’t yet, please join your neighbors and make a pledge today, we are so close we simply cannot fall short! To learn more, schedule a pitch meeting, or make a pledge, please email us at or send a message using the form below.

While our initial goal of raising the funds by November 1st as come and gone, we’ve extended the deadline to raise the $450,000 needed to make this project a success until December, 31st. As the weeks pass by, it’s never been more important to track our fundraising accurately and plan accordingly. Even if you aren’t quite ready to write the check, if you’ve been to a meeting or otherwise heard the pitch and decided on your investment level, please let us know your anticipated pledge amount today! We’ll follow up to answer any questions or help talk you through the paperwork.

There are two ways to be involved. You can make a tax deductible donation of any amount via the Maple Corner Community Center, or you can be a shareholder by investing directly with us. Shares are valued at $500 each, and are transferable/inheritable. Let this be part of your family’s legacy!

If you don’t have one yet, you can pick up a shareholder binder at the Maple Corner Store, or download the PDF here. Also feel free to check out this ORCA Media recording of our last Community Meeting!

Send Checks & Pledge Forms to:

PO Box 91
Calais, VT 05648
Or be in touch with any board member!

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