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Working together we can secure the future of the Maple Corner Store!

Building on the strength and talents of Artie & Nancy Toulis, the Board of Directors of the newly formed Maple Corner Community Store seeks your support to preserve their legacy. Together we can create a sustainable future for the store as a community owned asset.

With all of your help, we can preserve the Maple Corner Store and Whammy Bar for generations to come!

Why Preserve the Store?

Buying Local
Live Music
Emergency Supply Run
Lunch on the Go
Great Wine & Beer
Nurturing Community
First Work Experience
Post Office Access
Continuity & Security
Connecting with Friends
Having a Voice

To preserve the store, we need to raise $450,000. That’s a lot of money, but the good news is we are well over half way there! Together, we can turn this dream into a reality!

What does it mean to have a corner store in a small town-center like Maple Corner?
Yes, you go in to buy bread or coffee, or check your mail… but you wind up chatting with a neighbor you haven’t seen over the winter. Or getting to know local teenagers because they work at the store when you wait to pick-up at the late bus.

Most of us live in Calais, while working other places. Without the store we would be passing through, missing connections, and probably running out of wine… But a local store is more than a place to buy supplies and pick up mail. It’s a first job, a connection to a neighbor, a place to talk about the weather, a safe spot for your kids to wait for the bus.

And then there’s the Whammy Bar. The best of both worlds… we get to live in a beautiful rural setting, and still have access to amazing live music.

First and foremost the store has to be a viable business, and there are numbers that support this. As a community we need to decide that we consider the store an essential resource and that we are willing to invest in it. This means buying the store as a group of shareholders.

There’s effort in this path, but the ultimate outcome would be knowing that the store would be there for us tomorrow and that each of us would have a voice in its future.

It means continuity, neighbors, unexpected connections, groceries, mail, live music and more…

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