Maple Corner Community Store & Whammy Bar

We’ve expanded our hours and re-opened for in store purchases!

Please respect the following guidelines when shopping in person:

1) No entry without a mask.
2) No entry for anyone who has any symptoms or Covid-19 (or has had within 48 hours). Symptoms include fever, chills, sore throat, cough, or loss of sense of taste or smell.
3) No entry if you have been outside of Vermont for any reason in the previous 14 days.
4) We love you, but please come in, grab your groceries, and leave. Make room for the next customers.
5). No more than 3 customers in the store and 1 in the post office at any given time.  If there are three customers in the store, please wait outside.
6) We’ve placed arrows on the floor, please follow the one way path through the store to do your shopping.  
7) Our aisles are narrow, please wait your turn rather than passing customers or staff in a narrow aisle.
8) There are stars on the floor 6 feet apart, please do not get within the “6 foot bubble” of any customer or staff member.
9) Our deli remains open from 11am to 2pm daily.  Please order and pay for your sandwich and wait outside while we make it.

CURBSIDE SERVICES:  In our recent survey, over 60% of our customers said you would like the opportunity to continue with curbside pickup even after we re-open to the public.  We would like to transition to the majority of our curbside orders taken by email.  Please plan to send us your order daily by 2pm and pick up between 3 and 6pm.  We are, of course, here to meet your needs. If you need a small number of curbside items outside of those times, feel free to call and we will do our best to accommodate you. Our primary goal Is to keep our customers and our staff safe, healthy and well fed.