“From buying penny candy as a child to sorting through my mail as an adult, from caroling to Artie and Nancy at Christmas to hearing my neighbor Liz sing the blues at the Whammy Bar, from my first job at 15 to the relaxed mid-morning conversations as a retiree, the store has been a touchstone of daily life in Maple Corner for all of my almost 70 years on the planet. It is a place of commerce and exchange: basic staples, Ben and Jerry’s, quick and delicious breakfast sandwiches, Paige’s delightful greeting cards and much more, as well as a billboard for all the posters and notices. The store has always felt as though it belongs to all of us no matter who the owner is. Now it can be ours in fact, and I look forward to being a co-owner and investing in the future of the store and the village.”
~Olivia Gay

“The Maple Corner Store is the hub of our town here in Maple Corner.  The store is an integral part of our community.  It’s where folks go to catch up on local happenings, check our mail, grab some milk, hit the Whammy for a pint and to check out some great music!   Being a share holder is important to myself and my family, because it ensures the future of a community supported and shared business that so many of us love and care about. I couldn’t imagine living in Maple Corner without the Maple Corner Store.  It is a known fact that many local teenagers have their first job at the store and it would make my heart so full if that tradition could carry forward for our son Finn.”
~Mike, Caity & Finn Kaye

“I grew up next to the store and worked there throughout high school and my first year in college.  The store gave me sustenance, work skills, and the confidence and security that comes from community.  My hope is that young people growing up in Maple Corner today will have those same opportunities.  It’s an investment that’s absolutely worth making.”
~Janet Ancel

“How many ponds around here can you paddle to the Whammy (bar, restaurant, live music) at sunset and paddle back under the stars?    And bring back coffee that you were out of for morning?   Store, post office, deli, take home pizza,  bar, restaurant, music is the hub of our fantastical wheel of community in Maple Corner.   Let’s keep it going.   Please INVEST in our community!”   
~Colleen Bloom

“The Maple Corner Store has been a central part of my upbringing since I moved here at 5 years old. It was my bus stop in the mornings and a meeting place on the weekends. It was where we got ice cream after swimming, and hot chocolate after sledding. It was my first job, and always my first stop when coming back home. I can’t imagine Maple Corner without the store, I can’t imagine my life without the store. This is why I knew being a shareholder of the Maple Corner Community Store had to be a priority for me. As a grad student I have pushed off most financial investments, but I know keeping the Maple Corner Store alive and part of the community is important enough to make it work.”
~Sierra Miller

“The Maple Corner Store in the morning, the Whammy Bar in the night. We are in heaven. When we first moved into the neighborhood we produced community theater musicals in the Blue Barn. Now it is in the Town Hall. We’ve always celebrated it at the Whammy Bar.”
~Chris Colt

Please join Olivia, Caity, Janet, Colleen, Sierra, Chris and dozens of others in making a generous investment in your community! Reality is, we need to raise a lot of money and we live in a small community, so we’ll only succeed if everyone pitches in! Please contact us to make your pledge today!