Staff & Board


Anne Marie Shea: Our General Manager is Anne Marie Shea, who has been manager at the Maple Corner Store for several years. She has lived in Maple Corner and worked at the store for nine years. She lives with her 11 year old son about a two minute walk from the store. Anne Marie is an active community member, serving on the Maple Corner Community Center board of directors since 2015. She has spent the last nine years learning about her fellow community members and how to run a general store. She is now excited to have those community members be more involved in the ability of the store to better serve their needs.

Jamie Moorby: Jamie moved in across the street from the Maple Corner Store when she was seven and was first hired as a store employee at age 14. After attending St. Lawrence University, she spent six years in Washington DC, four of which she worked as a manager at the worker owned Glut Food Coop in Mt. Rainier, MD. In 2010 she returned to Maple Corner where she worked full time at the store for two years and off and on for another three. She lives a mile up the road and frequents the store daily. She has served on the Board of Directors of the Maple Corner Community Center (MCCC) since
2014 and been the MCCC Operations Manager since 2017. She is also Vice President of the Curtis Pond Association, Chair of the Board of the Sexual Assault Crisis Team of Washington County, Alumni Representative to the St. Lawrence
University Task Force on the Causes and Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and serves on several informal town committees. She is thrilled to have been a founding board member of the Maple Corner Community Store, and to now be taking on a day to day management role.

Caity Kaye: Caity grew up in Long Island working in her mother’s
restaurant. She has since worked in a number of jobs within the service
industry in managerial positions. Caity currently works at the Maple Corner Store and has agreed to step up to the assistant manager position for the MCCS. She lives with her husband and 5 year old son within walking distance of store.


Jim Clark (President): Jim was born and raised in Berlin, one of 7 children. In 1985 Jim and his wife Debbie built their home in Maple Corner, where they raised 3 children. All 3 attended Calais Elementary School, U 32 High School and UVM. Two of their children worked at the Maple Corner Store when they were younger. Jim owns and operates Clark Builders Inc., a family business that his father started in 1958. Clark Builders Inc. has had numerous jobs in the Maple Corner area, including the renovations on the Maple Corner Store to build The Whammy Bar. Jim and his family use the store and the Post Office daily.

Chris Miller (Vice President): Chris landed in Maple Corner several decades ago and resides just up from the store by Curtis Pond. Chris is a career sculptor and maintains a studio in Maple Corner. His two grown children, Sierra and Silas, both
had their first jobs at the Maple Corner Store. Chris has hosted and cultivated years of community events including town wide celebrations, dances, potluck and building the Blue Barn Theater. As Mr. February in the famous Community Center calendar, Chris is not a stranger to taking extreme measures to raise funding for a community asset. Please do not make him resort to it again.

Paige Canfield (Treasurer): Paige and her husband Tim have lived in Maple Corner for 20 years. As a small business owner she understands the importance of keeping money local when possible, and frequents the store often for forgotten baking supplies, coffee and good company. She is a member of the Fundraising

Rob Lamb (Secretary): Rob is a Maple Corner resident of 4 years, and a homeowner that lives with in 100 yards of the Maple Corner Store. Rob has founded and managed both start-up businesses and non-profits and is currently the President of EcoForesters, a forest restoration non-profit with offices in North Carolina and Vermont. Rob serves on the business planning committee for the Maple Corner Community Store and provides strengths in issues surrounding finance and governance. Rob and his 3 kids are regular customers at the store and Whammy Bar, where Rob also performs regularly, playing bass in a band with
current owner, Artie Toulis.

Elizabeth O’Casey moved to Maple Corner in 2018. She was drawn to the location because it offered a strong sense of place: a tight-knit and welcoming community, an array of outdoor recreation opportunities out the back and front doors, and a renowned bar-cafe-general store-lending library-music mecca
just steps away. She grew up in Oregon and moved to Vermont in 2013, taking a job with the National Park Service in Woodstock. Today, she works for the Agency of Natural Resources in Montpelier. When not at work, she’s either swimming in the pond or exploring the Robinson Ridge trails.

Brian Clark: Brian and his wife Barbara McAndrew built their Maple Corner home over 20 years ago, following his earlier career as a Central Vermont teacher. Since then he’s created Brian Clark Woodworks, a business specializing in handcrafted furniture of the highest quality. He is a regular musician on the Whammy Bar calendar and can often be found running, skiing and biking the roads and trails of Maple Corner. He serves on the business planning committee of the MCCS, focusing on building and fixed assets assessment.


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