Inventory at a Glance

We get Manghis Bread Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and Patchwork Bread on Tuesday and Friday (no Patchwork delivery today, 3/24).

When available we still have Strafford Organic glass-bottle milk & half and half, as well as Booth Brothers milk, half & half, heavy cream and orange juice. We also carry Stonyfield Organic half gallons (whole and 2%) and when available Organic Valley half & half.

Yogurt: Quarts of organic Larson Farms Cream Top Maple or Plain, Cabot Plain Greek Yogurt & Green Mountain Creamery Pleain Greek Yogurt. We also have Sweet Cow individual serving yogurt and squeeze tubes of Green Mountain Creamery Yo-Yummy yogurt for the youngsters.

Cabot cheese and butter, sour cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, Maplebrook Farms Ricotta cheese, Vt. Creamery Cultured Butter

Misty Knoll – Comes in on Mondays and goes really fast. Please limit of 2 items per person.  We have boneless turkey breast, Chicken Legs, wings & drumsticks. We also have Sweet Turkey Sausage & Ground Turkey.

Schoolhouse Farms – Eggs & frozen ground beef, raised right here in Calais.

VT Salumi Sausage- Rosemary, Maple breakfast, Chorizo,  Red Wine & Garlic.

Boyden Farms (VT) ground beef, Black River Meats ground beef & steak

Rosie’s Vermont Beef Jerky – Everything and Maple. On Sale this week for $2.89 each.

Tofu/Tempeh – 8 oz organic Nasoya Extra firm (2 for $5.99) or 2 pound blocks of VT Soy Tofu, 2 pound blocks of Rhapsody Tempeh.  We have been unable to get the Callafia Oatmilk we usually carry, for now we’ve replaced it with Original Oatmilk by Nutty Life – lightly sweetened with Dates.  We also have organic Eden Soy Original Soy Milk and Almond Breeze original unsweetened almond milk.

Cultured Raw Veggies, Sauerkraut & Kimchi from Flack Family Farm, Lake Champlain Chocolates, Nori Chocolate Bars, Franklin Heyburns local honey, and a wide selection of soaps & lotions from Elmore Mountain Farm.

We are ordering far more produce than we had been to help you avoid town. Every Monday afternoon we get a selection of greens, radishes, chard and other goodies from Goodheart Farmstead in Worcester. As of today we still have radishes and Carrots available.

Other (mostly) organic produce include: 
Baby carrots, kale, spinach, arugula, green, red & yellow peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, yellow & red onions, garlic, ginger, dill, parsley, cilantro & rosemary, potatoes, beets, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, Granny Smith apples, and bananas (so many bananas).

Bulk goods (mostly organic):
Regular Rolled Oats, Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats, Thin Cut oats, black beans, cornmeal, Long grain white rice, brown rice, white basmati rice, Turbinado sugar, Cane Sugar, white quinoa, Chick Peas, nutritional yeast, popcorn & of course, Maple Syrup.

Bulk Herbs:  
Ground Cardamom, Basil, Curry Powder, No-Chicken Vegetarian broth powder, whole black peppercorns, while cumin, ground cinnamon, Hawaiian pink sea salt, powdered garlic, oregano leaf.

Bagged Bulk Snacks: PB Pretzels, candied ginger, trail mix, m&m trail mix, & raisins & nuts party mix.

Dried Fruit & Nuts: Mango, sweetened mango, sun dried figs, Noor Dried Dates, fresh dates, cherries, cranberries, raisins, almonds, walnuts, & Pecans.

Chocolate covered goodies: almonds, raisins, pretzels, & coconut chews. 

While we are no longer preparing food in our deli, we can slice Ham, Turkey, Salami, and Roast beaf, as well as cheddar, provolone, Swiss or American cheese. We are also selling frozen 7 inch white sandwich rolled  which bake in 6 minutes, as well as our breakfast sandwich sausage patty’s.

Vermont Coffee Company: Tres, Extra Dark, Dark, Medium, Mild & Decaf.  
Artisan Coffee: Dark, Catamount Blend Medium, Dark Decaf
802 Coffee: Dark, Medium & Decaf.  
We are always happy to grind your coffee for you at time of purchase.

We are fairly well stocked with crackers, cookies, cereal, hot sauces, chips, salsa, baking goods, snack food, dried nuts and fruits, condiments, and all the other staples we typically carry. Plus of course, Ben & Jerry’s Ice-cream.

Paper goods:
We are once again out of Toilet Paper, but will attempt to get more.  We do have a limited supply of Paper Towel, please limit yourselves to 2 rolls per family per day.
 While I never thought we’d be rationing toilet paper, it’s another sign of how much has changed this week. We will adjust.

We have a steady supply of all our regular wine inventory. Please see photos on our website for details.

Beer List (not exclusive):

IPA’s/Microbrews (4pack/6pack):
Frost (4 varieties), Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine, Super Session 6 & Maple Nipple, Zero Gravity Cone Head, Green State Lager, & Little Wolf, Alchemist Focal Banger & Heady Topper, Two Roads Road to Ruin, Bay State Kelly Squared & Becky Likes The Smell, Rock Art Ridge Runner, Six Point Resin, Crisp, Bengali & Hazy IIPA, Stone IPA, Dog Fish Head IPA, Harpoon IPA, Long Trail IPA,  Ransack the Universe IPA, FAB Pilsner for Peace, Enter Nigh Pilsner, Switchback, and New Castle Brown Ale. 

12 packs IPA/microbrew:
Long Trail IPA Variety Pack, Lawsons Super Session #6, Stone IPA & Stone Delicious IPA, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Founders All Day IPA 25 Pack

Bud, Bud Light, PBR, Molson Canadian (6 pack bottles, 12 pack bottles, 12 back cans), Labatt Blue & Blue Light (6 pack bottles or 12 pack cans), CORONA, Twisted Tea (6 pack bottles or 12 pack cans)

Ciders, Seltzers & Kombucha:
Citizen Cider – Dirty Mayer, Unified, Lake Hopper, Tulsi & Wits Up
Stowe Cider – Safety Meeting & High and Dry
Nature of Things Hazy Apple Cider
White Claw 12 can variety pack
Flying Embers Hard Kombucha – Ginger & Oak

Non-Alcoholic AquaViTea Kombucha – Hibiscus Ginger, Elderberry & Strawberry Sage

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing, White Claw Seltzer, Rock Art Vermontster, Founders Solid Gold, CORONA, PBR & Molson Canadian

A note about inventory:  Overall our shelves are well stocked with the products we always carry. We have plenty of eggs, dairy, produce, soy products, beer, wine, snacks, bulk dry goods and much more. However, we are finding that some products are no longer available from our regular vendors (we simply can’t get toilet paper or paper towels) and others have had price increases.  We are working hard to find substitute sources for items we can no longer get from our regular vendors.  Please be patient as we work to keep our shelves stocked as best we can.   Things are changing every day, but we have a large order coming in tomorrow so are hopeful we get most of what we ordered.

Below are some photo’s of our shelves as of Wednesday, 3/18. As inventory and availability shifts I’ll swap out the appropriate photos. This seems like the most effective, least time consuming way for us to track our inventory for you to call in orders. Please call us at 229-4329 with any inventory questions, or to place an order for curbside pickup.


Produce, dairy, local eggs!





Bread, coffee, bagged snacks

Patchwork is still coming Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Manghis every couple days.