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Thank you for bidding on an item in the Maple Corner Community Store Silent Auction! We are so proud of the many wonderful items our community members have donated, and would like to remind you to bid generously as all proceeds go to the Maple Corner Community Store’s effort to purchase the Maple Corner Store and Whammy Bar. If you haven’t purchased shares in the store, please go back to our Home Page and learn more about becoming an owner.

All bidding (online and in person) will end at 6:30pm on December 14th. From 4-7PM December 14th we are hosting a celebratory party at the Maple Corner Community Center, please join us! It will be lots of fun, you can view the silent auction items in person, and enjoy the fabulous music of The Larkspurs!

**Please note: The party will be busy and there will be a slight lag in updating in person bids on the website, and online bids on the bid sheets. We apologize if this creates any confusion in last minute bidding, but know the highest bidder, online or in person, at 630 PM will be the winner of the item. If you are at the party, we encourage you to pay for and take your item home that night!

If you bid on an item, you are committing to pay the full bid amount should you be the highest bidder. If you are bidding on a physical item, please be prepared to pick it up in Maple Corner. If you won’t be able to pick it up in Maple Corner, please email us before bidding to discuss possibilities.

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Please remember to check the Main Auction Page to check the current and minimum bid for any given item before bidding. Bids that do not meet the minimum, or are below the current bid will be deleted.

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NOTE: We will be updating highest bids several times a day – please check back regularly to watch your items!